The Pledge of the Rainbow Warrior
 I(We) solemnly pledge as a Rainbow Warrior to become a motivating force led by Indigenous elders whooffer a safe passage-rite to weave human identity into the environment of Mother Earth. As a Rainbow Warrior, I pledge to be motivated to the full extent of the human will, motivated to give upany kind of illicit luxury, motivated to postpone any licit good, and even motivated to die for the primary purpose of transferring the natural earth as an inheritance to the children of future generations. As a Rainbow Warrior, I pledge to become learned in the knowledge and the stories of the land as its science and mysteries instruct humanity and all living systems into an equitable harmony. As a Rainbow Warrior, I pledge to choose no living enemies, but to embrace the singular conflict with myinner-self for the purpose of curbing my human activities toward this ecological harmony within the Natural Law. As a Rainbow Warrior, I pledge to become part of a Spiritual Force commissioned by the Creator and ableto inspire and heal others, especially those most broken by the world-view of exploitation, with the understanding that no wounded warriors, no matter how hopeless their circumstances, are to be left behind. As a Rainbow Warrior, I pledge to be inspired by the visions and dreams of the elders, from every cultureof life, especially those cultures maintaining Indigenous values, and I pledge to become familiar with their  prophecies and to become aware of the signs of the times. As a Rainbow Warrior, I (We) pledge to answer this desperate call at this cross-roads of living history to join in the migration by pulling for Turtle Island, taking only what is necessary to sustain harmony with Mother  Earth and leaving behind all things that might harm her capacity to nourish all living things. As my passage-rite, as a Rainbow Warrior, I solemnly pledge to wear this banner on my heart,(from a Polynesian power oar)representing the Guardian of Ocean Migrations (the Higher Power, our Creator) to remind me to stand for my principles as a guardian and true child of Mother Earth


Rongorongo and the Indus Script

Rongorongo is the mysterious writing system of Easter Island.  The Indus Script was used by the ancient Indus Valley Civilization on the other side of the planet.  Could the two civilizations be connected across 2 oceans and 2 Millenia?  Come and see:

How to Restore Mother Earth

An Indigenous based pledge to restore Mother Earth.  As you process to such posts someone performing malicious acts from a ‘Secret Service’ may contact you to malign the original author of the Pledge to Restore Mother Earth.  Edward Snowden exposed such malice.  The Creator is greater even if the author appears less in their eyes. A path of redemption has led to a circle of ancestors who love Mother Earth and have taught how to decipher the Easter Island tablets and journey along the path to Finding Turtle Island.  This is the answer to the Ojibwa Seventh Fire Prophecy that Obama friended the author on Facebook for inspiration to help restore the earth, along with hundreds of other dignitaries.  Many of whom the Police State slandered the author in the malicious way exposed by Edward Snowden.  In spite of the false resistance and above all for love of Mother Earth,  Come and See – Finding Turtle Island

Deciphering Rongorongo Rapa Nui Script of the Easter Island Tablets

This document is a draft containing first time chants deciphered on the Easter Island tablets…